Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Make It Quick

I’ve been so rushed in the morning!  I don’t know why I can’t get in a better groove;  maybe it’s the waking up in the dark that’s throwing me off!  I got the daughters ready for school and made up my breakfast before running out the door.  I was excited to try this Banana Oat Smoothie that I found on the Clean Eating Club site.  I put all the ingredients in the blender with a few ice cubes and whizzed it up.  I substituted Chobani nonfat plain Greek yogurt for an extra protein boost, too.  I poured it in my to-go bottle and hurried out the door…

s15 001

I wasn’t sure how the oats would taste in this, but it was great!  I really liked it!  It was filling but not too heavy to workout after drinking it.  I can see having this often on rushed mornings!

I headed to the gym and watched my boyfriend, Dr. Oz while on the recumbent bike.  I wasn’t loving that bike so much.  I didn’t feel like it was doing much, so I got off after 30 minutes and hopped on the treadmill for another 25 minutes.  I’m learning how to work all the bells and whistles of the machines and I fooled with the incline to pump it up to 8% – I think.  It was up there;  I felt like I was walking uphill for sure!  I finished up with 20 minutes of upper body and abs weight work.  I love doing the flab ab stuff.

After home and showered, I realized it was time for lunch.  My stomach was finally growling;  that smoothie really held me over!  But, once I became hungry, I was HUNGRY and needed something quick.  I heated up a Cuban Black Bean Patty from the freezer (they froze so well!), topped it with avocado slices and placed it on a Pepperidge Farms Deli Flat. 

s15 006

I went with a half serving of Kettle Brand Baked Barbeque Potato Chips and a ripe pear on the side…

s15 004

For “dessert”, I had a calcium chew!  My sneaky way of getting some chocolate!

s15 008

The rest of my afternoon was spent in the car taking the daughters to and fro and settling at 2 hours of dance class.  I remembered to bring a car snack, so that I wouldn’t be starved by dinner…

s15 010

still “noshy” , so I had this Clif Mini Bar, too…

s15 012

That did the trick.  When we got home for dinner, I wasn’t famished and looking to munch.  Dinner was easy;  I picked up fried chicken at the grocery store for the husband and daughters!  They were thrilled, especially after seeing what I was having – Salmon Roulette, leftover grilled sweet potato (yep, that’s the last of it!) and salad…

s15 014

I ended the night with a cuppa Teeccino while folding laundry, “tweeting” and watching The Biggest Loser (what is UP with Jillian and her screaming??!!  It’s more than ever!)!  How’s that for multi-tasking?!

Hope you all had a great day!

ONE GOOD THING:  I made a cup of Teeccino after dinner instead of dishing out some dessert.  It satisfied me and I didn’t “look” for anything else.

Question of The Day:  What did you think of  The Biggest Loser last night?


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I watched it too, and I was a little bit put off by her screaming. Personally, I would probably cry if someone yelled at me like that!

Great job at the gym, and with all your eats!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

I watched it and decided I do not need, want or desire this show in my life anymore. It struck me as irresponsible ( lets take a bunch of overweight people who do not exercise and have health problems) and dump them in a desert to race a mile before they have had any medical supervision. Then lets have these emotionally damaged people be subject to the screaming of two trainers, and finally lets tell a woman who lost 18 pounds in a week she is not the biggest loser. Since when did televised emotional abuse become acceptable ? How exactly is this show really helping anyone except the trainers getting more and more endorsements ? Jillian now has a new diet plan that includes must have supplements .I really question the safety and respectability of that . Leave it to say I was moved to make the decision that not watching it any more would be the thing to make me feel proud.

TJ said...

I like that you have a crush on Dr.Oz hehe :)

BL- I watch it- I do like the show-however I know that these people work out 8+hours a day which is totally unrealistic to most people. They lose weight very fast and again it makes it hard to keep off. I think I like seeing the before/after pics too.

Jillian needs to take a chill pill. lol She was yelling lots more than usual last night!

Christina said...

I didn't like Jillian yelling so can be motivational (and scream some to push people) but it was excessive. Especially with all the CUSSING! That is what irritated me the most. Adding the "F-word" isn't going to make you sound tougher or people work harder.

I love the show though because I like watching the transformations these people go through - physically, emotionally, mentally and in the end its so good for them. I wish they would include more realistic examples or disclaimers for people watching at home to know that type of weight loss and exercise plan isn't ideal though. And I also think they shouldn't send anyone home for the first few weeks so each player can get enough time there to learn a bit and get in the habit more of such changes. Okay that was long enough! I think I just typed my blog here today LOL

TjRenee said...

Does your hubby know about Dr. Oz? hehehe

I watched TBL this morning. Jillian didn't bug me. I guess stuff like that doesn't really bother me. The crying is what gets on my last nerve. I understand the emotion behind the tears, but geez. I know, I'm mean. Pffttt!

Janetha said...

that salmon thing looks good, did you buy it prestuffed? i eat calcium chews too, my boyfriend and i made a NY resolution to not eat candy but those dont count!

Tamara said...

I need to find some of that teeccino. Every time you have it I want some.

I like BL and I like Jillian. Ya she yells and sure probably some of it is for ratings but she's also smart and I like that she is no nonsense. Like what she said to Shay "think about yourself as a victim or get on the ladder and make a change in your life. Your choice" Makes sense to me. I'm sure this show isn't for everyone but I think it's great.

And nobody told those people they had to run. That chick that passed out probably hadn't gotten off her couch in years. And she takes of running? What did she expect?

Anonymous said...

Marisa! I'm so glad you commented - just from your profile alone I can relate to where you are.

I LOVE the Biggest Loser but haven't watched the premier yet! I recorded it and it's waiting for a child-free couple hours to watch. Jillian?? Screaming? I can't believe it! Can't wait to watch now hehehe!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Diane - me, too! Cry AND probably quit!

ISF- I completely understand where you're coming from and tend to agree with you, although, I like to watch to see how they transform themselves. That part, I do find inspiring.

TJ - I know!!! I find him very sexy for some reason!

Christina - You're right - lots of extra screaming, cussing and bleeping this season!

TJRenee - yes, hubs knows about Dr. Oz and says he wants to beat him up - he's so high school ;P

Janetha - The Salmon Roulettes are from TJ's. Prestuffed and in the frozen fish section. Comes in a 2 pack. Very convenient - heat in micro for 3 minutes and eat! Only 190 cals, too!

Tamara - I found the Teecino in my local Giant Supermarket in the natural foods section. You can order it online, too. It's really good. Tried it out on a friend today and she liked it; thought it did have a coffee vibe to it!

Mamaweeds - Glad to find you and welcome! Have fun watching BL! Prepare for screaming and puking!


i don't watch the biggest loser though i kinda want to since i have become a fan of jillian's lately. however, i have no room on my DVR!!!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I only got to see a little bit of The Biggest Loser as the toddler woke up with teething pain and just wouldn't go back to sleep... :(

Love the calcium chew pic. Great reminder for me to have some again... I have a container on the kitchen counter, but I keep forgetting to eat them... I think they are a great way to sneak in some chocolate... :)

Connie B said...

Can I just say again how much I love your blog?!?!? Thanks so much for taking time to keep it up!

Don't ya just love Chobani greek yogurt?! Makes wonderful shakes and smoothies!

Anonymous said...

I love making black bean patties. You are right, the freeze so well and makes a quick and easy lunch just by throwing it onto a sandwich thin like you.

I haven't got a chance to catch the biggest loser yet, I like to wait and watch it online so I can fast forward during the slow parts.