Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fitting It All In

I can’t believe it’s December!!!  Holy moly!  I’m feeling a little wigged out about fitting in all the things I need to get done before Christmas.  It seems that everything is happening at once and the calendar is already looking jammed up!  Well, one thing I will fit in is fitness!  I made a promise to myself to keep my workout schedule and I’m stickin’ to it!

Before heading to the gym, I had a mini- breakfast of a string cheese and a few Triscuits…


Just enough to tie my over for my 35 minute run on the treadmill.  I tried out some intervals this run and I really liked it!  It took the pressure off keeping a steady fast pace and I liked being able to coordinate the pace with my music.  Fast songs = fast pace, slower songs= slower pace.  It was fun!

Breakfast part 2 was by the dashboard light…


After changing, it was off to Gram’s for a day of shopping.  She loves to shop and can outlast me any day!

I finally dragged her out talked her into leaving and headed back to my house for lunch.  I made a terrific tofu scramble


In the mix…

  • 1/2 block of Nasoya Lite Firm Tofu
  • 3 cremini mushrooms, sliced
  • a few onion slices
  • 1/2 small red pepper, sliced
  • handful baby spinach
  • 1/4 cup Galaxy Nutritionals Veggie Shreds

Gram declined the tofu and went for a turkey sammie instead!  I’ll make a believer of her, yet!

I also took a few minutes to assemble dinner , since I knew the afternoon would be busy.  I saw a recipe on Kalyn’s Kitchen for Brown Rice Casserole and thought I would give it a try, knowing full well that this would not be welcomed with open mouths by the husband and daughters!  But, I decided to torture them anyway.

I baked it when I got home after little daughter’s dance class.  It looked and smelled delicious…to me…


Them…not so much.  I proceeded to rant about how I didn’t give a flying fig newton what they thought and they were going to eat this fabulous, healthy dish.  And I dished it out…


Okay, I know it doesn’t look pretty, but it was very tasty!  I even threw in some broccoli to make it a true one-dish meal.

Little daughter cried full blown tears at the sight.

The husband hates mushrooms and moved the stuff around to make it look like he ate some.  Okay, but he will eat kale chips???  Whatever.

Big daughter said, “Mom, this actually tastes good.”  She is the only one I love ;)

So, not the biggest hit, but I will keep trying to feed them healthy foods.  Hear that, family???  Yes, the torture will continue…


Brilliant Blogger :  I read a great post by Jack Sh*t today.  So motivational!  His posts are usually flat out hilarious, but every so often, he throws in one of these “serious” posts to really get you thinking.  What struck me was when he describes a conversation he had in the locker room after a workout – go check out his post for the whole story – but he replied to the person:

 “I didn’t leave a lot in the tank.”

And that’s how I approached my run at the gym.  I kept thinking “don’t leave anything in the tank;  give it your all.”  Result:  awesome workout!  Thanks, Jack!

Oh, I almost forgot… the winner of the Campbell’s Soup Giveaway is  Denise!

I have a couple of favorite soups - creamy tomato, taco soup and butternut squash. Yummy!

Denise, please send me your address and I’ll forward it to the Campbell’s rep:)

If you’re not too sick of me, go check out my guest post on Melissa’s blog –  -and see how I tried out the NuVal nutritional scoring system!  Fun!

Have a great day, everyone!


Joanna Sutter said...

Chobani on the dashboard light?! LOVE IT! I'm glad to see you put some high-protein fuel in that tank of your! ;-)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

If I inspired a great workout, then I feel like you got your money's worth from my post. (You did pay, didn't you? We're on the honor system here...)

tam said...

Everything looks so tasty x x

Amanda said...

I don't think we have that yogurt in my neck of the woods but I would love to try it one day!

Did you ever receive my email with the running article? I e-mailed it to the email of yours that's on this site. Let me know (I apologize if you already let me know and I didn't see it).

Also, REALLY dying to see you post about the intuitive eating!! I know you are waiting but I can't wait anymore! I think I might die!! lol :) J/k, whenever you post it, I'll be ready!

Biz said...

I had to laugh, for a while there I tried to get the hubby on the healthy bandwagon, but he would just add more butter or cheese, so I gave up!

Hence, his five meat meatloaf I made for him last night! :D

Love that: "leave nothing in the tank!"

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

That casserole looks amazing!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Torturing children with food is fun...NOT ! When we began I had to put the breaks on my son immediately and change everything that went into his mouth, with a lot of tears, screaming and more. I held firm and it worked. Now he will eat anything but beets.

Tamara said...

"she's the only one I love" LOL! I ♥ u for making me laugh every day.

I'd eat that brown rice casserole like a bowl ful of candy. It's look delish to me.

Nicole M., MS, RD, LD said...

Hi! I found your blog off Melissa's guest post by you! Your eats look great, I look forward to reading more!


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg said...

Hi Marisa,

I just found your blog through some of the other healthy living blogs, and I see that you're in PA! My husband and I moved to Altoona this summer. Mind if I ask where you are?

Keep up the great blogging!

*Naomi* said...

never tried peach chobani! sounds delicious

the tofu scramble doesnt sound too shabby either! I never think to throw tofu in with eggs but why not?? no idea! it sounds great!

katecooks said...

love reading your new brilliant blogger quotes. they are fabulous!

jewel said...

Were you talking about your family? Or mine? I am so glad to find a fellow family torturer...I have been feeling so alone and underappreciated! What is the matter with these people I live with...they are so thankless about my efforts to keep them healthy!

I too have one child I love...and one that I love at times...and one I have to make noodles for!

And I am so tired of hearing how dinner looks like our compost pile! But on occasion I do feel sorry for them....five months ago I was a meat-eating, normal wife and mother, embarking on Weight Watchers to lose some weight to gain back mobility in my life.

And somewhere along the way I read too much information and now I don't buy or cook meat for them anymore.

It is comforting to have found some company! And that brown rice casserole looks delish! They are in trouble now!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Joanna - yep, I'm board with the protein. It's definitely keeping the munching away!

Jack - *empties pockets* givin you all I got :)

tam - thanks and welcome!

Amanda - I've been seeing Chobani in most of the regular grocery stores. Keep an eye out! And yes, I did receive that article -thank you! Good info. When I get a few minutes, I'll email you about some running ?'s I had. Also, I know I'm dragging out the Intuitive Eating thing! I just haven't had the time to sit and write all my thoughts about it. But, it's coming!!! Promise!

Biz - haha, I think our husbands are twins separated at birth :)

Vanessa - it is! Don't let my family discourage you from making it!

Incredible SF - Yay for healthy food torturing moms!!! Think our kids will need therapy???

Tamara - Thanks! You are invited to dinner anytime!

Nicole and Anna - thanks and welcome!

Naomi - no eggs in the tofu scramble (although not a bad idea!) just crumbled tofu and "browned" to make it look like scrambled eggs.

Jewel - LOL! Glad to know I'm in good company!