Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let’s Try This Again

Pouring rain.  That was the sound of the morning.  It looked like the day was going to be a total washout:(  I wasn’t up for bike riding in a torrential downpour, so I decided to do a 10 minute Pilates workout that I found on Sparkpeople.  I definitely felt the burn;  I am really enjoying adding in this new form of exercise!

Breakfast started off with a nice cuppa Teeccino….

a29 001

We bought limited groceries since we were here for just the weekend, so my choices were eggs and bagels.  I opted for both and made a bagel sammie using half a bagel, 1 egg white and reduced fat cheddar cheese…

a29 002

Yum!  That held me over for most of the morning. 

Finally, the skies shifted and the rain dried up!  I took the opportunity to hop on my bike for a quick 20 minute ride before lunch.

We decided to try packing lunch and going to the pool again.  The husband and daughters rushed over to the pool and I made up the picnic lunch.  I had a lovely crabcake waiting for me in the fridge, so I decided to eat my fancy lunch before heading to the pool…

a29 003

Look at how big this guy was…

a29 004

and filled with all crab…

a29 005

I ate it “lettuce wrap” style with some deliciously sweet homegrown tomatoes on the side.  Then finished with a nectarine topped with a ray of light…

a29 009

Hooray for sun!!!!  We were so thankful for the sun to join us while we swam at the pool!

We were famished by dinner time and decided on Chinese takeout for an easy dinner.  This gets a little tough for me;  Chinese food doesn’t usually fill me for long and I try my best to stay away from all the fried dishes.  But, I was in the mood to try something that I don’t normally order , so I “branched out” and got the Shrimp Lo Mein

a29 010

It was so good!  I paired it with a non-Chinese dish – baby arugula, romaine and tomato salad.  Gotta get in the extra veggies!

a29 011

a29 012

I couldn’t help having another forkful or two of Lo Mein

a29 013

A while later,  chanting started… ice cream, ice cream, ice cream

We stopped in a new ice cream place that serves gelato.  Oh no.  There is no way to resist the creamy goodness of gelato.  I made sure to choose the most “screaming with calories” flavor…Chocolate Raspberry Brownie….

a29 014

To. Die. For.

Okay, I’ll be honest here, I am sucking horribly this week at intuitive eating and leaving the dieting mentality behind.  I have guilted the bejesus out of myself for the past week and am having a really hard time listening to my body’s satiety cues.  I realize that being in tune with yourself takes so much practice.  It is very hard to let myself go and trust myself.  I really need to be focused with this approach;  it is not something that comes natural to me.  At all.  I’m a little scared, too.  I’m scared of the scale and what it’s going to say when I get on it next.  I’m scared of food and what eating “the wrong things” or “more than I should” will do to my weight loss efforts.  I’m scared to dig deeper and figure out exactly why I eat the way I do and why I feel the need to comfort myself, in a variety of situations,  with food.  I feel like I’ve ventured into a sort of “food addiction” rehab.  I think it’s worth the work;  I’m just scared of what happens during the detox period…

Hope you all are having a glorious Saturday!

Question of the Day…  What is your favorite Chinese takeout dish?


Nicci@NiftyEats said...

That crab cake looks really good. I haven't had crab in a long time!

Heather said...

Yum, crab cakes.

OK, favorite Chinese take out dish HAS to be pepper steak. I also order plain steamed veggies, and then mix the two together. So I get all of the sauce and steak and peppery goodness....with the bulky, filling steamed veggies. I can get an entire plate full for around 8 Points this way! I normally skip the rice. I can take it or leave I tend to leave it. It's not worth it. I really just want that pepper steak! lol

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

You deserve a lot of credit! And I think you are doing great! Going from counting points or calories or anything to intuitive eating and truly figuring out when you are hungry and why is tough. But it's worth it. And there will be ups and downs.

I understand and can relate to all the emotions you are feeling. It's going to take some time... Just focus on one day at a time. You'll get there!

Have a great Sunday! :)

Yum Yucky said...

Oh my goodness! I'm especially wanted that crab cake and lo mein. I can't make either.

Fatinah said...

my favourite chinese dish has to be Singapore noodles, hold the shrimp! Mmmmm. Awesome curry noodle goodness. A close 2nd is pork dumplings. OK. Now I'm craving chinese. Crap! HAHA

Broken YoYo said...

that crab cake literally made me salivate, and I've eaten *plenty* tonight!!! yum :-D

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I had lomein this weekend too :) Usually not my pick, but the future step son insisted on it lol.


Intuitive eating scares me. I think with you being so close to goal (or at goal??) it's probably the next step in the lifelong way to eat, but I'm sure it'll take lots and lots of practice. I wish you mucho luck lady!

theskinnyplate said...

I think it takes a little time to get adjusted. Hope you find your perfect medium. Judging by your meals, it doesn't seem like you did bad at all.