Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Birthday Celebration

Today, we got together for lunch to celebrate my Dad's birthday. He had decided, after taking the Real Age Test , that he is going by this age since it is 7 yrs. younger than his chronological age! Ok Dad, we'll play along! He does look pretty good, for .........???

Anyway, Dad is awesome and a very busy guy for being "retired". He has 3 part-time businesses, but the one that keeps him the busiest is his "video to DVD" transfer business. He converts videos, slides and pictures to DVD. You can check out his website for more info: That was my shameless plug for Dad - Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!!

On to the food. We went to Appleby's for lunch today at my request. I knew the Weight Watcher Menu they have would keep me on the straight and narrow. I am feeling a little "chompy" today. I went with the Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Salad which is huge and only 5 pts. Very good for chompyness....

Of course, when you are chompy, a salad does not last long. For my snack,( if I could have the nerve to even call it that since it was filling up my plate), I have been dying to try this greek yogurt from Trader Joes. I had 1/2 c. yogurt with 2 tbsp. homemade pumpkin butter and 1 tbsp. granola. I also had some pretzel sticks and a string cheese. Can you say, "oink, oink"?

I'm thinking this should last me til dinner! We'll see...


Anonymous said...

Hi Marisa,
Give your Dad Birthday wishes from me. Congratulations to him on being 7 years younger! Maybe I'll try the Real Age Test.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Marisa said...

Thanks, Margie!

Same to you and your family!