Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something's fishy...

I have been really craving salmon. Isn't that strange?? I mean, who craves salmon?? Chocolate, yeah, but salmon???? Anyway, being the indulgent person I am when it comes to food, I decided to give in to my desires and have smoked salmon for breakfast! I took a Western Alternative Bagel, topped it with 1 tbsp. fat free cream cheese and 1 oz. smoked salmon. I sprinkled it with a little fresh dill for flavor and "fanciness".

Yum! My brain thanks me for those omega-3's. Maybe my cognitive decline can be helped!!! I also had a big cup of yerba mate tea with a splash of Soy Slender.

Since I feel bloated like I am retaining a small pond today, I vow to drink this....

Maybe all that water will help flush out some of the sodium that's causing my puffy pondness. I did sweat some out this a.m., too with my 45 min. run on the treadmill.

Off to do my household chores :)

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