Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veggies overboard

My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach for lunch today. I made a MONSTER buffalo chicken salad! I used about 3-4 cups of lettuce, 10 baby carrots sliced and 3 oz. of leftover roasted chicken breast from a dinner I made the other night that my family hated. Aren't they precious? I tossed the chicken with some Frank's hot sauce and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter before adding it to the salad. I used 2 tbs. of Marie's Light Blue Cheese dressing and tossed it all together. It was a huge salad.

I also had 1 oz. of these guys. They're crunchy and garlicky; they made a great crouton substitute.

Here's the dressing I use. It's only 80 cals, 6 gr. fat and 4 fiber(don't ask me how) for 2 tbsp. It tastes like the real deal.

For my afternoon snack, I had a Fiber One strawberry yogurt (really smooth and creamy) and an Eat Right snack bar.

Dinner tonight was more smoked salmon!!! I made these awesome smoked salmon omelette muffins. I got the recipe from Kath's website, Soooo good. I tweaked it by making them with all egg whites instead of 2 whole eggs. A side of steamed asparagus with drizzle of EVOO was the perfect veg to go with these muffins.

This was a pretty low Point day (for all you Weight Watcher followers). I didn't hit my Target Points today, but I felt pretty full and I'm trying to listen to my body when I don't want to eat too much. However, a girl's gotta have dessert, so I made pumpkin cheesecake pudding with 1 c. pumpkin and small box of sugar free, fat free cheesecake pudding mix and 1 3/4 c. of fat free milk. This was so good topped with fat free cool whip and a sprinkle of granola. Very filling.

Well, this was my first full day of blogging my meals and it was lots of fun. See you next time!


jeanine said...

Hi Marisa, this is Jeanine, Sharray's sister in law.

I just wanted to tell you how great you look! You are stunning!

I too am on Weight Watchers and it is very hard sometimes to not eat a whole Pizza, but this might help me with some food ideas!

Marisa said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Jeanine!
It's a little weird for me to let it all hang out, so to speak, but I thought this will really help me stay focused on my weight loss and if I'm able to help or encourage someone along the way, that's even better!!
Congrats on your new baby - he's super cute!!

Kathy said...

Hi Marisa:
I love your blog. There is so much information that I can learn from. I have "fallen off the wagon" but you have inspired me with everything that you have accomplished and 63+ pounds lighter. This blog will encourage me to stick with it, and be creative with your food. Thanks for all of the great recipes and helping me through my weight loss journey. You look great, and should be so proud of yourself in what you have accomplished.