Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just hanging

This was a day of just hanging out. None of us had anywhere to go or anything to do, so we lounged around all day. It was great! Lunch was relaxed, too. We ate in the family room watching a movie. I knew I wanted Laughing Cow Cheese to be a part of my lunch today. It is so delicious; I use it in so many ways.

Today, I had it on a Western Alternative Bagel with some thin sliced ham. I smeared the cheese on the ham and put it all in the broiler to heat it. The ham got a little crispy, the cheese was warm and the bagel was slightly toasted. It was perfect. Some Trader Joes Creamy Tomato Soup and grapes (they were on their way out) was all I needed. No chips - which is a feat in itself for me!

After enough lounging, we did a Wii bowl-a-thon with the daughters . Such a fun way to get in a little extra exercise. I wanted something munchie for a snack, so I had a mini bag of popcorn. I always forget about this as a snack for some reason, but it is an awesome, filling munchie snack for only 1 pt.!

I stink at bowling...


Anonymous said...

I used to eat the Laughing Cow Cheese, but I have become a little leary of some of the processed foods. I liked using that cheese because it is individually wrapped in single serving portions. Never heard of the Western Alternative Bagel.

Marisa said...

Margie - I know what you mean about processed foods. Right now, my main concentration is getting this weight off the best way I can, but when I'm ready for maintenance, I may switch to Weight Watchers Core Plan. It encourages more "real food"- not much processed food is "allowed" without using your Weekly Allowance Points.

For the Western Alternative Bagel, check out I have been able to find them at my local Giant.