Friday, November 28, 2008

Holding Strong

The protein from my yogurt this morning really did a good job in holding me until lunch. I was pleasantly surprised about that! Lunch was tough because I do have many leftovers in the fridge but, my in-laws are coming tonight, so I decided to save our leftovers for them. I ended up with soup and a yummy bagel. The soup I have buying lately is actually found in the freezer section of the supermarket! It comes packaged with 2 pouches to a box . I love instant portion control. They have many varieties, but I mainly buy the Minestrone and Vegetable Soups. This minestrone is only 100 cal., 1.5 gr. fat, 4 fiber and 320 mg. sodium (which is relatively low compared to some of the canned guys)...

To go with my soup, I had a Western Alternative Bagel with thinly sliced ham, cranberry honey mustard and Brie. Yes, BRIE!! I love all cheese, but brie is one of my top faves. I was lucky enough to find a light brie. It is only 70 cal. and 4.5 gr. fat for 1 oz.! I spread the cranberry honey mustard on the bagel, layered on the ham and topped it with the brie. I ran it under the broiler to get the cheese all melty. I loved this lunch!!!! Bread and cheese, what's not to like!

So far, I'm holding strong. Not feeling the urge to munch out. We'll see what the rest of the day brings:)


Sharon said...

Oh, I have heard about those bagels - wanted to try them, but to get them to ship in Canada, you have to buy a super big bulk package! LOL

Marisa said...

Sharon - they used to only be available on the West Coast and through mail order like you said, but now I can find them at a few choice grocery stores in my area. Maybe if you ask your grocery store, they will start to carry them!