Friday, November 14, 2008

I heart LUNCH!

I love lunch. It has to be my favorite meal of the day. Probably because I really like sandwiches. I tend to go for some type of sandwich for lunch on most days. Today, I went vegetarian. I sauteed a container of mushrooms in nonstick spray, added some sliced roasted pepper and chopped asparagus. I seasoned with a little salt, pepper, garlic and dried thyme. The thyme added a nice flavor. I split a WEIGHT WATCHERS PITA, spread it with wedge of LAUGHING COW and stuffed it with the veggies. Wowza, so good! I ate the other half of my apple and caramel dip from this morning (no wasting here, Mom!). I felt the need for salty chips, so I had 1 oz. of light chips.

I know these are not the healthiest things in the world, but I really like the light chips. They do contain Olean, but that doesn't seem to bother me. What I like the most is I can have some great tasting chips for only 1 pt.!

I was in the mood for chocolate this afternoon. The kids still have a ton of Halloween candy, but I was afraid to have any because I usually can't stop at one. It will trigger a mountainous binge and I fear I may go into diabetic shock!! Thankfully, I had one of these guys to save me. VITAMUFFINS are so delicious. I am glad to have these in my healthy eating arsenal. Deep Chocolate is my fave.

I decided to fancy it up by crumbling the muffin and topping it with FIBER ONE strawberry yogurt. Just like a chocolate covered strawberry and only 2 pts.! Mmmmmm...

Friday dinner in our house is Pizza Night. The husband and daughters dance around the house displaying their happiness that it's Pizza Night. I HATE Pizza Night. Pizza is evil; one piece lures you in and all willpower is lost until 3+ pieces have been inhaled. I try to avoid it at all costs, but sometimes I try to make my own "look-alike". Tonight, I used one of those awesome ARNOLD SANDWICH THINS to make my own pizza. I added 2 tbsp. sauce, some veggies left from lunch (mainly mushrooms) and 1 light string cheese shredded on top. Stuck it in the oven til the cheese melted and voila- pizza! I made a side salad with chopped baby carrots and 1 tbsp. KRAFT LIGHT THREE CHEESE RANCH dressing.

This was a great "pizza" dinner. Should have been enough, right?? Noooooooo. Evil is evil. The regular pizza lured me in with it's big doughy crust and oozy cheese. I had a bite, then another. Then about 18 more. Ugh. I probably had an extra 6-8 pts. worth. It seems I always order my pizza with no pepperoni, but extra treadmill.

I hate Pizza Night :(


Anonymous said...

margie said,
So Marisa you made your "Arnold Sandwich Thin Pizza" then had a little of the "real" thing. Instead of trying to tow the strait and narrow would it have been better just to have 1 slice of pizza and a salad. Would that have lessen the "guilt"?

Marisa said...

I'm not sure I could eat just one piece! At about 8 pts. per slice, my daily allotment would sure add up quick. But, I think I see what you mean - if I had a piece of the "real thing", I might get that full mouth feel and satiety from eating it and not need to keep going. Hmmm, interesting. I think I will try it for next Fri.! I'll let you know how I made out in the "Pizza Challenge"!!!!