Thursday, November 13, 2008

Soup and Sammie

It was really dreary and rainy today. Kinda depressing. This type of weather calls for some hot soup to warm the soul, so that's exactly what I had! Trader Joes makes an awesome creamy tomato soup and it's only 2 pts. for 1 cup. But with soup, you definitely need a sammie. One of my favorite sandwich breads is the Arnold Sandwich Thins. They are a cross between a pita and a roll. They are terrific and only 1 pt.!!

I opted for a turkey sandwich with a slice of 2% cheese, lettuce and a squirt of dijonnaise. Along with that, a cup of grapes. Really satisfying lunch!

Then, I spent the afternoon making iced sugar cookies for big daughter to bring to school for some function or other. Yes, iced sugar cookies. Sigh. During this baking extravaganza, a cool book came to mind. It's called EAT THIS, NOT THAT! by David Zinczenko. It shows pictures of things that are not a good choice and then gives you the better and/or best choice. It's a great visual picture. So, I decided to NOT EAT THIS:

and instead ate THAT!

Pretty good, eh??? David would be so proud!

After running little daughter back and forth to dance, it was time for dinner. Thursday dinners are always something quick because we get home late and if something takes longer than a nanosecond to make, there is craziness. I usually make the husband and daughters "breakfast for dinner" and I kinda followed along the same lines. I made a sorta frittata with some leftover veggies and potatoes from the dinner they hated (I'm not bitter about it, am I?) and mixed it up with 3 egg whites and 1 egg. I added 1 tbsp. of grated parmesan cheese. It was huge! I am a volume eater, so these things make me happy:) I paired it with some leftover asparagus.

To end this dreary day, I had a huge slice of warm pumpkin streusel pie with whip cream and a side of Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream. Ok, I was just dreaming!! I really had the same dessert as last night (pumpkin cheesecake pudding) and it was every bit as good as the aforementioned dessert.
Sorta... :)

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