Monday, November 17, 2008

Speedy Quick

I ran errands all morning and they ended up taking me through my normal lunch time. Thankfully, the Pumpkin Cheesecake Pudding Oatmeal that I made stuck with me fairly well. By the time I did finally get home, I was really starving and I needed to eat PRONTO! No time for creativity, I opened the fridge and the first thing I saw was smoked salmon. Sounded good to me! I put it on a Western Alternative Bagel with 1 tbsp. fat free cream cheese, 1 oz. smoked salmon and a little dill. A side of grapes and I was good to go. Whew. That hit the spot. I grabbed 1 oz. of the "bad" chips afterward since I still felt a little hungry. I guess because lunch was basically a blur!! I stopped myself after the chips since I knew I had a yummy snack planned...

Here it is...a Banana Bread Parfait!!! I took a serving hunk of the whole grain banana bread that I made and layered it with a 6 oz. container of fat free vanilla yogurt. Topped it with 1 tsp. of chocolate syrup. Oh my, so rich tasting!

Dinner tonight was a family favorite - Philly Cheesesteaks and Fries!! What kind of weight loss plan am I on, you say?? Well, it's a 'lifestyle plan' and I have to find "look-alikes" for some foods we love. I do live in a suburb of Philly and have had many a cheesesteak, so I could be considered a "conisseur". These rolls and steaks are local, as far as I know, but you may be able to find the same type of ingredients where you live and get the same effect. These rolls are only 128 cal., 1gr. fat and 1 gr. fiber. The sandwich steaks are real sirloin steaks (not the Steak-Um type, but sliced exactly like them) and only 90cal. and 4.5 gr. fat per serving. I sauteed some beefy baby portabella mushrooms and red pepper to add to mine and topped it with a slice of 2% cheese. So good. Tastes just like the real deal and only 5 pts.! On to the fries. I took some russets, peeled them, cut them into fry shape, sprayed them with nonstick spray and a little olive oil, put them in a 425 degree oven for about 20 min. I give them a quick run under the broiler at the end to crisp them a little more. I made a side salad with light ranch to go with it.


The family loved this dinner. It's so great when no one complains :)

I ended the night with a cup of hot tea and a Stella D'oro 100 calorie pack. Remember these breakfast treat cookies? I had these as a child. They are perfect with tea...

Off to sleep, quick!

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