Monday, December 22, 2008

Giving It ... 75%???

I was almost there. Giving it the old college try for getting back on track at dinner. I had meatball subs planned for dinner tonight. The husband and daughters had regular meatballs and I went with the Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs. In trying these for the second time, I have to say they are not my favorite. The texture is soft and the flavor of these guys is just plain bland. I added some of my homemade marinara sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan. It helped, a little. I went with a plain green salad with EVOO and vinegar. An o.k. dinner...

The husband and daughters had tater tots along with their subs and somehow they found their way onto my plate into my mouth! A good handful of them. Ugh! I was almost there; almost back on track.

I cleaned up the dinner dishes and proceeded to make (I know you'll think I have completely lost my mind) chocolate drizzled popcorn!! I was adding it to big daughter's basket of goodies to bring to the teachers. Did I have to do it?? Could I have gotten away with not adding it to the basket?? I think I know the prize winning answers to these questions, however, I get myself on these dumb kicks and then I have to finish it out. So, I made the chocolate drizzled popcorn using lowfat popcorn of course! Isn't that so ridiculous - like it matters - it's covered in chocolate!! Anyway, it came out very good. Don't ask me how I know... :(


Simple and Divine said...

Awww Maris dont be too hard on yourself! The holidays aren't all about the food you know and more importantly they are NOT about what you CAN'T or SHOULDN'T have... The holidays are about family n enjoying your time with them and enjoying your favorite treats while still feeling your very best! you can do moderation! you'll be fabulous don't worry!

my day was off too food wise but tomorrow will be PHENOMENAL for BOTH of us :) love you doll, hang in there!

Marisa said...

You are so right!!! I know that holidays should be about the peeps. Unfortunately, my peeps are ALWAYS ALL about the FOOD! It's the Italian way! Ugh. It's a vicious cycle, but I'm tryin hard to change my evil ways. I think I have the fear of completely jumping off the cliff and not getting back up. But, you're right, tomorrow is another day - a PHENOMENAL day! I will look beautiful, well rested, fit in a size 8 jeans and the scale will say I have lost 5 lbs.!! Seriously, THANKS for the pep-talk; you're the best:)

Sharon said...

I say, enjoy them! Tater tots are delicious! It's not like you eat them everyday!

Madison Song said...

aww, don't be so discouraged! it definitely can be harder during the holidays it'll get easier though! like you said, we'll get through it!! =)

those popcorn things sounds ultra yummy though... :)
and i agree, the meatless meatballs are not that good, i prefer the turkey ones!

Simple and Divine said...

You're SO welcome! You are absolutely beautiful and that positive attitude is what makes you so divine :) Hence WHY I LOOOVE YO BLOG! hehe

And I TOTES know how you feel about the Fam being all about the Food. The Italian Family and the Jewish Family hehe. But that is because, our families are Alll about the nourishment and the warmth! I loooove us!

Are you on the facebook? Friend me girlfriend! (Julia Wise) I'd love it! :)