Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I loved The Biggest Loser Finale last night!! All the contestants looked AMAZING; even Vicki who I could not stand! I am thrilled that Michelle won; she seems like a genuinely good person. She didn't play the game in a nasty way; she just worked hard and did it!! Awesome. They are all so inspiring. It makes me a little veklempt (sniff, sniff).

On to the food. This morning I did not feel like eating the same old stuff, so even though I need to get my rear in gear and out the door, I decided to make some egg muffins. These are inspired by Kath's Smoked Salmon and Parmesan Omelette Muffins which I have made before and are really good. I made a variation of these and came up with Egg, Cheese and Bacon Muffins .
Easy to make; freezer friendly and a great "grab and go" breakfast for 2 Points! I am going to try not to neglect my food groups today, so I had a clementine to go with it...

Hope you feel inspired to eat healthy today! That goes for me, too :)


Amanda said...

I loved the biggest loser too! So glad Michelle won over Vicki. I just wish Amy would have won the $100,000 instead of Heba!

Sharon said...

wow, yum! I missed the biggest loser!