Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I am finishing up my last bit of wrapping and preparation for tomorrow. We will be headed to my parents house in the late morning, having dinner there and then heading to my sister-in-law, Linda's for dessert and the remainder of the festivities. It will be a busy, long and fun day! I won't be posting tomorrow, but wanted to wish everyone a wonderful day with family and friends!

And to all a good night !


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Gina said...

Hi Marisa,

I bought a back of dried split peas to check the points today. This is my cousins recipe and she gave me the points a while back, but you are right. For 6 servings, I get 3.5 pts. Is that what you get?

Marisa said...

Gina - I ran it through WW recipe builder again and I can get 3 pts. for 6 servings if I reduce the oil and only put in a half bag of split peas, so 7 oz. instead of 16 oz. Maybe, my bag was too big - that could've been the problem! I'm also not sure about the ham hock. I know it would add an awesome flavor, but the one I bought did have nutritional info on it and it looks pretty caloric. I'm gonna try and use a little of it anyway - 3 pts. isn't bad for this yummy looking soup! Thanks so much for rechecking the numbers for me and indulging my craving for this!