Saturday, December 13, 2008

Party Recap & The Morning After

The Christmas Party was lots of fun last night. Our family has a wonderful aunt that throws a fun girls night Christmas party every year(for the past 27!!). There's always lots of laughing and good food, "bad food" and "bad cookies"! I had a bit of a light eating day, so I had some room to play. The food was laid out buffett style and guess what was there -PIZZA!! Well, it IS Friday night! I can never get away from it; it follows me everywhere!!! But, knowing that I had some free flowing Points and that I wouldn't make a complete pig of myself at a party, I decided this was a perfect time to try out some Friday night pizza, again. I took a small corner slice and chose a yummy tomato mozzarella salad and some carrot cranberry salad that I made...

Mission accomplished. I was able to eat A piece of pizza! Whoo hoo! I can't give myself all the credit, though. I think the main reason I was able to accomplish this major task of not waffling down tons of pizza is because I spent much of my time talking with cousin Katie about diet, exercise and running. We both want to try to run a race/marathon and we spent time discussing our trials and tribulations with running outdoors. So, THANK YOU KATIE for keeping me from shoveling massive quantities of pizza in my mouth!!!

I stayed away from the vast array of candy and chocolate that was lurking at every turn, but I did finally make my way to the dessert table to "just see" what was there. And what did I see...BROWNIES a.k.a. my kryptonite!! I ran to find some duct tape to put over my mouth, but decided it wasn't conducive to being social at a holiday gathering. Ugh. But, I did bring some lowfat Caramel Kiss Cookies, remember?? Oh, yeah. So, I had two of those. Then I sequestered myself to the other side of the room, far.. far... away from the brownies with horns:)

I didn't get home til 1 a.m. Whew, way too late for me. The husband insists I will be cranky all day today, but I am determined to prove him wrong . Happy, happy, that's me :) :) :)

I wasn't so hungry this morning, either. Nothing seemed too appetizing. I decided on some yogurt with a few really lame strawberries (they were deceased) and 1/4 c. of my Cinnamon Granola. I think my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach, but after I started eating it, I felt like I wanted it (that's so weird, isn't it?) so I did eat it all...

A good healthy 3 Point start to the uncranky day I am going to have :)


Angie said...

A girls night Christmas party sounds like so much fun! What a great idea. You did a really good on your food intake! Good job :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marisa,
Great job for staying on track and resisting those brownies!!

Sharon said...

Great job with the pizza.

Cinnamon granola looks great!!